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About this site

I’m a pro football fan, and especially of the Green Bay Packers and specifically, Clay Matthews.  I’m also a fan fic writer, mostly for my own enjoyment.  If I have ideas rolling around in my head, I like to write them down somewhere and this will give me an opportunity to share those ideas and get feedback, suggestions, etc. Please be nice! I’m not a wordsmith nor am I a professional writer…which will be quite obvious. This is just somewhere for me to have fun.

  1. Bethany Boyd permalink

    I don’t know if you still update or check this, but I love this story! I would love to read more of your stuff! It’s so hard to find any good fan fics out there about Clay.

    • I obviously don’t check this site much anymore! Thanks for the kind words. I ran out of ideas and don’t write anymore.

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